Lebanese Oriental Cuisine

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Our Concept

As a bistro offering healthy Lebanese cuisine, Al Tabkha is an eatery concept unlike any other. With its friendly environment and casual dining experience, Al Tabkha quickly became the talk of the town, making it the preferred destination for many when it comes to comfort food in a relaxed ambience at The Pearl-Qatar.
What makes Al Tabkha stand out is not only its approach to hosting its patrons but also in the offerings available, as the menu changes on a daily basis and offers a variety of dishes that follows a pre-planned rotational calendar. As the live kitchen at Al Tabkha is known as one of the brand’s key attractions, adding a unique and flavourful experience, visitors keep coming back for the food and the show!
Additionally, Al Tabkha offers an impressive delivery service, providing homes and offices alike complete catering services with specially designed packages. The restaurant also covers the catering needs of private events and functions and is equipped to create an unforgettable Lebanese culinary experience for all.

Size: 350 sqm
Price: 100 QR